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Serving Time Or Serving The Community?

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Among criminologists, judges, and the like, there is a widespread belief that criminals are better off serving non-custodial sentences instead of going to prison. However, empirical evidence of the effects of community service is scarce. Based on Danish research, this study paper examines a policy reform that implemented the use of community service as punishment among specific groups of criminals in order to assess the causal effect of community service on post-sentence income, dependency on social benefits, and crime.

A Community Shakespeare Company Edition Of The Taming Of The Shrew

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Community Shakespeare Company Editions make Shakespeare's plays instantly accessible to everyone, from children through Shakespeare-shy adults. These unique performance scripts, developed in a youth theater company, inspire student actors and captivate their audiences. Award-winning playwright Richard Carter delivers the best of the Bard in original verse adaptation. CSC Editions represent a dynamic model that can be used in schools, clubs, camps, and communities worldwide. With nearly thirty years experience working with young people, Carter is Artistic Director of the Community Shakespeare Company.* Its mission: "to enrich young lives and cultivate community, with theater as the means and Shakespeare the inspiration."

"This is to recommend Richard Carter with a full heart. We have enthusiastically shared many ideals and passions, especially regarding theatre by, with and for youngsters."
-Lenka Peterson O'Connor, author: "Kids Take The Stage" (Backstage Books)

"I take my theatre very seriously and I know what I am talking about when I say that we are indeed blessed to have Community Shakespeare in our midst."
-Kenneth W. Jenks: Director Emeritus,
University of Utah Playwriting Program

"Having taught all over the world, I can imagine how excited teachers would be to have the opportunity to introduce a Shakespeare play to their students, knowing they would be able to grasp meaning and still retain the Shakespearian experience."
-Ann H. Goss: Retired International School Teacher

The Sociology Of Community

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First Published in 1974. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


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