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Google SERPs experiment shows amazing results

Can we take a banned site - No pages indexed in google, yahoo or live and can we give it life and PR rank? That is what is being attempted over at www.omg-1-com and the big question is can it be done? Google, Yahoo and MSN Live are such big players in providing traffic the question is can a website survive if the big engines have banned it? Many sites get banned and even some deserve it. Yet there are many sites who receive a penalty or even a banning and they just dont know why. Most just receive a penalty and that means their site is still in the index but just not ranking well. The site owner just needs to seach for his url and if it is found you are not banned. If you cannot even find your url, well simply put "you're out!" But don't fret as there are ways to get back in, but first you have to appologise to the big G and others and file a reinclusion request. But first I would remove the tactics that got you banned in the first place, remove your hidden text and keyword stuffing. Back to the experiment A ten point plan has been placed in effect and it involves the basics like good hosting, good SEO in title and description with good keyword density etc. The big news here is the link building! The plan is that numbers of links will force the engines to take note of the banned domain and push it back into the indexes. Here are the ten steps: 19 September 2007 -

1. http://www.omg-1-com/ taken off domain parking and hosted at dreamhost-com

2. Site built and Sitemap created and uploaded to google webmaster tools

3. http://www.omg-1-com Creation Date: 01-feb-2007 | 0 links in Google, Yahoo or Live. | 0 indexed pages in Google, Yahoo or Live.

4. As you can see no pages are indexed in any of the search engines. It is a banned domain!

5. Reinclusion request made to google.

6. Write a title and description. TITLE: That is only 10c for a permanent link pointing to your website! DESCRIPTION: We will hand submit YOUR Website into 2000 FREE DIRECTORIES with multiple anchor text in both the title and the description for $200 US.

7. Add URL Google | Add URL Yahoo | Add URL MSN Live

8. Add some small blended adsense blocks.

9. Place this information into Website Submitter and start submitting.


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Williamstown Festival Circus Stage
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