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Giving Back To The Community

People are always looking for ways to give back to the communities that they are in, and one of the most giving types of organizations tends to be the collectors’ car clubs. These are the groups ........ Read More

New Christian Community Website

Christian community website construction requires a lot of care and research since there has to be in depth information relating to various issues. These days, a number of communities operate their ow........ Read More

Publish Your Own Community Magazine

It is not surprising that for almost every subject or topic you can think of today, somewhere online you will be able to find a source of information to guide you. Think of a promising business oppor........ Read More

Building Community Websites Equals Success Online

In this article I will discuss how important is it to build community websites rather than straight forward sales pitches. Selling online is about bringing people together, not about stuffing products........ Read More

Community Gardens Can Change Lives

Community gardens have the potential to improve the lives of people everywhere crossing all boundaries of age, race, gender and nationality. These group effort gardens are making a positive difference........ Read More

55 Division – A Lesson In Community Policing In The Beach

As always, Gene Domagala is the perfect person to make connections. With the date for my photo exhibition rapidly approaching and the need to finalize my articles and get the photos ready, I had not p........ Read More

So You Want To Publish A Community Magazine?

So you've made the decision to publish your own community magazine, but what now? Where do you go for advice, information and above all, inspiration? Despite its growing popularity, the business of........ Read More

Feasts And Festivals: Celebrating As A Community

Feasts or festivals showcase a community’s unique aspects and beliefs. Historically, religions hold a set of celebrations to give honor to their god or gods. The term ‘feast’ in secular parla........ Read More

Epilepsy And The Hispanic Community

Despite its prevalence, many people do not understand epilepsy and seizure disorders, so scientists and others are working on ways to put an end to persistent myths and misconceptions about the condit........ Read More

The Value Of Online Community In Dance Education

There is a huge need for comprehensive quality dance information to educate young dancers about their bodies, to extend their boundaries and their perception of what they are capable of, and learn abo........ Read More

No Community Manager? There's Help

The current frenzy of real estate development in the United States means homeowners associations are being incorporated at record rates. Unfortunately, the field of professional community management i........ Read More

Christian Community On The Web

When you think about all the pros and cons of the internet one topic always seems to surface, the fact of community. There are both positive and negative aspects to online community but there is no de........ Read More

Tips For Choosing A Retirement Community

Are you preparing for your retirement? Once you have determined that your finances are in good standing, you may be concerned with your living arrangements. Despite the fact that many retirees cho........ Read More

Making The Right Golf Community Decision

For golfers, choosing to buy a home in a golf course community might seem as easy as swinging the club on a fine spring morning. Over 2700 golf course communities have been built across the United Sta........ Read More

Local Community Websites

Hi, my name is James Warren and i would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of my experiences with my latest project. I am building a website which is targeted to the local people of........ Read More


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